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Abronium Tournament!

Join the Abronium cyber world for a hot thrilling tournament competition.
Gather friends/family and build your own cool tournament using 35 different maps from 10 different game modes (EG: Race, CTF, Soccer, Chase & Fetch).

With up to 16 players in a local game you’ll have the perfect party booster. Play one-to-one or gather up in teams to see who will score the most or get knocked out. By using computer replacements, people can join and leave as they like without disrupting the ongoing tournament.

You can choose to play Party Mode with up 16 players on a local tournament where everyone gets to choose their name and select their own temporary avatar as recognition. Or you can play Normal mode with up to four human players signed in to their profiles.
There is also a quick play option for the once who would like to try out the maps without starting a tournament. The Quick play option is divided into three parts where you can play alone-together with computer players, Co-op or Quad.

An awesome soundtrack will keep you company all the way through and add some extra pulse to the experience! Have a great time! 







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